All About- Fashion for men

Men’s fashion has changed dramatically in recent years. Men don’t hesitate panting nails or even wearing a man purse. Every man who desires to be fashionable here are few things that they must not ignore and these are related to fashion trends as per the season.

Fashion begins with not just wearing what is trendy, it starts with  wearing attire  as per the season.

Tips for winter wear for men

Winter is not the time to get lazy, instead it’s the time to look best irrespective of the chill and for this planning is required to look as well as feel good. Here are some tips to keep wardrobe ready for winter.

  • Keep the winter coat ready, minimum two styles, one for casual wear and another for formal or business wear.
  • Good winter boots are needed
  • Get used to winter fabric and boycott light weight cotton fabric
  • Stay Bright although the season may be cold. Bright colors along with accessories like gloves, sneakers and scarves will enhance your style. Along with this there are other options like a check suit or a pair of bright chinos. The color will add a style to your wear for the season.
  • Accessories will definitely make one look as well as feel good. Accessories include gloves, scarves, flipper gloves as well as turquoise. Always keep two sets of accessories one to go with formal or business wear another one to go with social or casual.

Types of winter clothing for men

When the weather is cold and crisp and you need to get ready for the day, know more about all options for the day. Read more to know options for the day, which will bring  a casual as well as a formal look that you can wear to look good for the season.


Top coat comes is often made of wool and the length is 3/4th just above the knees. It is slim-fit and brings formality to jeans. It can be dressed even with a pair of joggers to give an ultimate street savvy style and make one look out of the crowd.

Varsity Jacket

The  varsity jacket will make one adapt as per the weather, it will make one get ready for casual as well any other type of look; make one look stylish in a truly incomparable manner.

The down jacket

It is also referred as puffer coat, it is so perfect for chilly evenings and it also perfect for a holiday travel. It is a matter of personal preference. It is a perfect match between light weight and heavy styled. It looks puffy, but is not so puffy and perfectly fits as a sports coat.

Moto jacket

It is often referred as black leather which has an array of buckles, epaulets as well as zip pocket. It is a great wear for the bar. It adds a layer of warmth as well as style

Tips for summer wear for men

Summer includes those warm months of the year when clothing takes rest and there is nothing much left to hide. Here some guys may feel self conscious; so here are some tips for them

  • Wear over sized clothes to compensate the bulk; wear fine clothing which is not tight but slim.
  • A belt will make your appearance good and give your figure a firm look.
  • A light cotton Henley will make your appearance good and help you to tolerate the excess heat.
  • Do not wear anything too long or too short
  • Welcome colors as variety is the spice of life. Avoid single color and even bright hue will add the much needed look.

Summer trend for men.

You can look trendy as well as tolerate the heat with these fashionable summer collections.

Knee skimming shorts

These are trendy short wearable which is tailored slim, somewhere the print pattern may look classy and somewhere it may look simple yet stylish. All these will make you forget the heat of the season.


Apart from the traditional baseball cap as well as a sunglass, neckchief are an essential accessory for men; these light weight cotton, crew-necked jumpers will add a difference to the look for sure.

Gray are of the summer

Ideally, summer months invite the colors, but gray also tops the list  and makes one feel really cool. There are various shades as well as patterns in gray, which makes one look cool.

Jeans is more de-stressed than even.

These may look ripped at times, but at times they look trendy as well as cool

It’s time for Anoraks

These are back in fashion; these are the most popular style as well as handy because they almost go with everything.

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