Know More About Decorative Lighting & Lamps

Decorative Lightening And Lamps

Decorative lighting is perfectly defined as “jewelry of architecture” as such lighting plays a wonderful role in building the style and setting the ambience. They perfectly create an eye catching and styles a statement by beautifying a place. They have an extremely important role to play in the interior decoration of a house.

Decorative lamps  create the perfect ambience of a house. They change the mood of the entire house and these ultimate collections are perfect for making the interior of any room look really beautiful.

Decorative Lightening And Lamp

Decorative lighting, which is better known as  “jewelry of architecture” perfectly creates a style statement and ornaments a room. These lights can be used in  indoor spaces; will not be exposed to rain under any condition so their maintenance requires just cleaning. Here are some other varieties of decorative lightening available at CashOnBuy.

Chandeliers: These can be hung from a ceiling and are usually used for everyday illumination in places like foyers, dinning room and other areas.

Pendants are known as  ceiling-hung decorative fixtures as well. Generally,  pendant  has been used for hanging luminaries which are less official as compared to chandeliers which are commonly used in  restaurants, offices and numerous other places as well. Most common pendant luminaries used are HID, incandescent lamps and fluorescent sources.

Close-to-ceiling luminaries are almost same as a pendant; these are placed very close to the ceiling and the height allows it to illuminate the complete area uniformly.

Scones are ornamental wall-mounted luminaries; these are available in a wide range of style, including crystal fixtures, fame-tip lamps to a modern designer lamp as well.

Lanterns are outdoor lights which can be mounted  to  walls, ceiling, post, as well as  poles.

Other Types Of Floor Lamps

Torchiers are floor lamps with tall stands which are made either of wood or metal. The best part of this lamp is it does not require much floor space and can easily fit in the smallest space. Another interesting feature of torchiere is it can provide general light since this light points towards the ceiling directly, so the light reflects back and illuminates the entire room.

Club lamps are used for area lighting and are available in various styles. Other types of floor lamps include twin pull “S” socket or 3-way socket.

The Glass tray floor lamp is mainly a club floor lamp which has a glass tray inserted at the height of a table.  This is mainly used for lighting the entire area and comes in small sizes which can be easily placed at the end of a table. The glass tray as well as the base takes less space and the table lamp can easily be placed over it.

Adjustable club lamp: In this type of floor lamp the height can be adjusted as per the need; this floor lamp can be used for area lighting as well.

The six way lamp has provided a sufficient amount of light since the three-way mogul bulb is used which is surrounded by three additional bulbs which can be used together or separately as per the need.

The Tower floor lamp provides ample light and it looks like a sculpture during day time.  Numerous variety of styles are available, including Asian style lantern as well as modern sculptural  lanterns.

The down bridge lamp is perfect for reading as well as doing other tasks since in this type of lamp the light is directed downwards. Comfortable reading is possible by placing a chair beside this lamp. Shade of this lamp is always connected to the socket and is directed towards a particular angle.

The pharmacy floor lamp has specific directed light; the height can be adjusted and the head can be swung in the direction as required.

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